South India welcomes you to a more soul-soothing potpourri of tourist attractions than the rest of India. The touted reason behind its distinctly gentler and more relaxing feel is the negligible influence invasions inflicted upon its artistic and cultural expressions throughout history. Neither the Muslims nor the British could disturb the lifestyle and values in this part of India. As a result, tourists experience a palpably stronger presence of unadulterated Indian art, culture, religion, architecture, Yoga and Ayurveda in this part of India.

Comprising of four states and two union territories, Southern India geographically spans across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep and Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry). The region is bound by prominent water bodies on three sides - Bay of Bengal on the East, Arabian Sea on the West and the Indian Ocean on the South. The chief cities in the province include Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore), Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Trivandrum and Kochi (Cochin). Kanyakumari - the southernmost tip of India, where Arabian Sea meets Bay of Bengal, is an important feature of South India. At MyTravelCon, we offer a wide array of themed South India tour packages that help you savor your chosen sojourn at a calm pace and in an enriched manner.

Each state in Southern India smugly flaunts a different flavor – own distinct language, dance form, customs, and cuisines. Ideally speaking, one must choose to visit one state at a time - spend several days at one place and visit favorite tourist spots and markets a couple of times at least to properly soak in the experience. However, the same is not always pragmatic. As such, we offer both all-in-one tour options to various customizable theme-based South India tours. The eclectic mix of tour options we extend include holidays spent exploring heritage sites, art & culture treasures, sandy beaches, serene backwaters, time-honored temples, colonial charms, Ayurveda secrets, wildlife safaris, spice plantation trails, tea tasting trips and much more. It is our constant endeavor to render your trips truly relaxing and enjoyable. We make every effort in the book to offer you fully-customized and well-planned itineraries for both small and large groups. Our South India tour packages guarantee pleasant and comfortable accommodation, friendly and helpful travel coordinators, clean cars manned by jovial and trustworthy driver and point to point pick and drop facility. We arrange eating out at affordable but only excellent local restaurants. In short, we offer completely professional and hassle-free travel services for you to blindly depend on at any time.