provides a combination of quality, convenience, flexibility and cost which is competitive and better than what others offer.


MyTravelcon has an experience staff that has been trained well in the travel and the hospitality industry. Prime examples of this are the satisfied and happy guests who have applauded us consecutively in 2012 and 2013.This provides us enough space to cater your travel arrangements. We are sure that our staff will ensure that your trip to India is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


1. We provide an end-to-end solution - airport pickup, hotel, meals, transport, hospitality desk support so that you can focus on your trip

2. All tours are exclusive and private tours and are conveniently scheduled. You can start your tour from any date you want

3. Our tours offers a very wide range of activities and by choosing you get connected to a tour operator which can also cater to your future travel requirements.


1. We offer you a customized travel plan that caters to your special requirements.

2. The deposit is refundable in case you are not able to arrive for any reason. You can actually cancel your tour 7 days prior to arrival with no penalty. $100 will be deducted as administration charges .For more details, please refer to our cancellation policy.


The total cost of availing our services is less than 50% of the cost in Europe and USA.

All tours start from 9:00 am to and goes on till 6:00 pm except few places when you have to go early in the morning like visiting Taj Mahal during sunrise or encountering tigers/lions while jungle safari. Each day, we will ensure that you get enough time to relax and be ready for the next day. Moreover, this is your personal tour and everything will be depending upon your choice and schedule.

First, you have to confirm availability of a seat with us. Once this has been confirmed, you can book your place by sending a deposit of US$500 (or GBP 350) by PayPal, credit card, bank wire transfer or Western Union.

Following services included in the package:

Room with breakfast

Monument Entrance Fees

Private chauffeur driven cars

Train tickets (if any) and assistance

English speaking tour guide

The price of your package includes all costs from the time that you arrive in India till the time you fly back.

No, there are absolutely no hidden costs in our package.

MyTravelcon has a bullet proof no-discount policy. It is our policy to provide the same price to all visitors travelling to India, no matter where they come from. And this price is never different from the prices displayed on our website. This policy of fixed prices has been much appreciated by our customers.

You need not be proficient in English to visit India. If you can understand the itinerary and schedule on our website, you will be ok. However, if English is not your mother tongue then we can arrange for a guide/escort in your preferred language.

We often receive these requests from our German, French, Spanish and Chinese guest, and they are happily satisfied with the escorts/guides we provide them with.

Yes, we can arrange your tour in short notice depending upon the availabilities of the hotels and resorts, though a booking in advance is always recommended.

Yes, this is our official email address which we use if a recipient is not able to receive emails from email address or if we do not receive confirmation that she has read our emails.

There is a difference in visiting India and experiencing India and we are sure that with us you will do the latter. Our representatives will take you to all the places where you wish to go and also to special places the particular region you are visiting is famous for. They will make you experience India, in a way that you shall never forget it!

Prices and Payments:

Cost is not the only reason why people travel with us. They prefer travelling with us because of some of our best qualities like:

i. Quality of vehicles

ii. Quality of hotels

iii. Personalized service

iv. Humbleness and responsibility of our representatives

v. Convenient start dates

vi. Holiday experience

Send us the link of the prices that you are comparing with. We can then explain how our prices are still more value for money. Do the prices include guide and monument entrances fees? Is the standard of the hotel are same or different?

Overseas credit card payments involve a mark-up of up to 3% due to currency exchange. This is mentioned in Terms and Conditions of every card issuing bank. Click here to read the terms of a typical card. charged $2500 in Indian Rupees (at the prevailing exchange rate). When converted into $, a mark-up of up to 3%-4% can be expected.

The registration amount of US$ 500 can be paid by Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Western Union or Credit Card (using online secure payment gateway or by calling us to provide the credit card details). The balance amount has to be paid by travelers' checks or cash after arrival in India. You can also pay the balance by credit card, but there is a 3.5% surcharge on this. You can also pay the balance by PayPal. There is a surcharge of 4% involved in this case.

It includes hotel tariff and breakfast. Other services such as telephone calls, laundry, etc. are payable to the hotel.

Yes, the accommodation is more expensive during Christmas and New Year in Goa. 15th Dec to 5th Jan is considered festive season in Goa. The prices for this duration (including accommodation) are more than those published price on our website.

Travel and Visa:

Yes. You have to get a Visa from the Indian embassy in your country. If there is no Indian Embassy in your country, you should contact the Indian Embassy in the country closest to you.

For advice and process for visa visit Visa Guidance. The process can take up to a week. In some cases it can take even longer and it is best to apply as soon as possible. The cost of the visa is £ 30 in UK and thereabouts in other countries.

India is pretty safe from health point of view. Most of our visitors come without vaccinations and have never faced a problem. However, it is advisable to consult your physician before coming to India.

# Airfares

No airfares are included in the cost and the domestic fares are given apart where-ever applicable.

Please book your international tickets your country – India – your country directly at your end.

We could purchase the domestic flights for you in India or you could buy the same directly in your country. The prices for the domestic flights are regular fares. We can offer you better instant purchase fares which are normally much cheaper but these fares can be offered only against full pre-payments as we have to buy the tickets immediately. Please check with us about these air-fares. None of the Airfares are Guaranteed Till Ticket. These tickets are non refundable in case of any changes or cancellations.

For reservations we need the following information - full name of the travelers (Mr. or Mrs. / Ms.) & passport number.

Airfare is not included in the price. can arrange flights from most countries including Europe (€ 700), UK (£ 450) and USA ($ 1,200). For advice about booking flights, please visit our Airfare page.

Following are the indicative costs for travel to India (round trip):

From UK - GBP 350 - 450

From USA - US$ 1,000 - 1,200

From Europe - Euro 500 - 700

From Africa - US$ 700

From Australia - US$ 1,250

No, there is no problem for us. We provide 24 x 7 pick-ups from the airport.

There is a provision to extend the visa except the tourist visa for a maximum of one month while in India but the discretion is of the Indian Government.

Yes, you can attend training on tourist visa. In fact, majority of our visitors are on tourist visa.

Food and Beverages:

Yes, Halal food is available in a lot of cities in India.

Yes, it is available at major cities in India.

Yes, you can consume alcohol in licensed bars and pubs (which are in plenty in all cities). You can buy alcohol from licensed shops (which are also easily accessible).

Only Breakfast is provided unless mentioned.

However In places like Ranthambore, Bandhvgarh, Kanha, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Pemayangste, Chitwan, Bhutan, Houseboats, etc. all the meals are included. In National Parks like Chitwan, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha, the jungle visits are included. In some places the jungle visits are by Canter vans (with more people) and in some places by personal jeeps or on elephant back.

Please click here to visit the page of Archived Courses. Some itineraries and destinations are archived because of less popularity.

If you still can't find the program and destination you are looking for, please write to us to at

All drivers and tour guides at MyTravelcon speak very good English. Over 95% of our customers are from outside India and possess a neutral accent.

You can visit our blogs and read the happy feedback of our previous customers.

Yes. If you have a GSM mobile phone, we advise that you carry it with you to India. We can assist in getting a SIM Card issued for your stay in India (please carry 2 passport sized photographs). Call charges are $ 0.05 per minute for calls within India and $ 0.40 per minute for international calls (including USA and UK). We can also provide you a GSM mobile phone for your entire stay in India. Rent for this is US $20.

The Center Manager at all locations will provide you with suitable room to perform namaz.

Yes, you can extend your vacations in India and upgrading to hotels is subject to availability. Yes, your vehicle can be upgraded at a short notice. In fact, many of our visitors do that. It is advisable to request for the Indian Visa with validity up to a few days/week after end date of the proposed vacations so that you can upgrade to more places during your stay in India.

Yes, we have a search facility at the top right corner of each page. In case you still do not get the information you are looking for, please email to us at

In a half day tour, the visits are normally for four hours.

In a full day tour, the visits are normally for six to eight hours.

These tours are exclusively operated for you privately and the transport in all cases is for the exclusive use of the guests only and no other outsider is allowed excepting in safaris.

However, In most of the cases, where long distances are covered by the same vehicle (example in Rajasthan or Kerala), the transport is at disposal with the visitors for visits and also for dining out. We request our visitors to give the chauffeur enough personal time to rest well.

For reservations we need the following information - arrival/departure flight details with flight number/timings, full name of the travelers, mention who is Male & who is Female (Mr. or Mrs. / Ms.), date of birth, passport number, and nationality.

"MyTravelcon" is responsible for making reservation with the suppliers offering the services described in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions. The flights, cruises, rail, hotel accommodation, and other components of your holiday included in the brochure are supplied by reputable providers on their own terms & conditions, as such we do not accept any responsibility of whatever nature for the acts, omissions, or defaults whether negligence or otherwise of these providers. MyTravelcon does not accept liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force major or other events & will not be held liable for any loss or damage sustained because of delays or inconvenience that might be experienced during your holiday. MyTravelcon reserves the right to cancel or change any holiday or services without notice at any time. In `the event of cancellation or change, MyTravelcon will offer alternative arrangements if any are available or, if the alternative arrangements are not available or responsibly unacceptable to you, we will refund that part of any money paid which relates to that part of the of the holiday or service that has been cancelled or changed. Apart from that refund and subject to any statutory provision to the contrary, Mytravelcon will not be liable. All programs are subject to change with or without notice. All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

In Rail programs, in Category A & B, we are using First air-conditioned class or Executive Class and in category C, D & E Second or Economy air-conditioned class is being used. In some trains, the above class may not be available in which we shall book the best available class. First class & Executive Class seats are very limited and are available on limited trains. There are no dining facilities on Indian trains. Indian meal cost is included in certain trains like Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express. Indian Meals are also offered in most of the trains at a very nominal price at the railway stations.

In our programs the night journeys are foreseen using sleeping berths and the day journeys with seats.

In first class, the compartments have two or four berths and have a proper door to close for privacy. There is no guarantee of your getting a two berth or a four berth cabin. The railways do not allow you to buy all the four berths of a first class cabin if only two of you are traveling. Every empty berth/seat is offered to other wait-listed passengers.

In two tier, the compartments have four berths in the cabin and two berths in the passage. There are no doors but only a curtain is there for privacy.

In three tier, the compartments have six berths in the cabin and two berths in the passage. There are neither any doors nor any curtains there.

In the day trains, if Shatabdi Express is being used we offer executive class/ economy class seats. In the other trains normal seats are offered.

No refund or compensation can be claimed from Indian Railways in case of any cancellation of a train or delay in their departure/arrival or loss of baggage.

The costs of bed rolls are included in the night journeys.

For reservations we need the following information - full name of the travelers, mention who is Male & who is Female (Mr. or Mrs. / Ms.), date of birth, passport number, and nationality. The bookings are non-transferable. Normally the train reservations open 90 days prior to departure.